A Bahraini tradition – spending the night with the kids for #Gergaoun

Ramadan is a wonderful month for so many different reasons. One of my favourite nights during the holy month is Gergaoun, which is celebrated in both Kuwait and Bahrain on the 14th of Ramadan (Gergaoun is also celebrated in the UAE but a month beforehand).

I’ve been told by family that Gergaoun’s roots hail back to the birth of the Prophet’s grandson Hassan. The Prophet came bearing sweets to celebrate the occasion (if there’s other reasons for Gergaoun, I’d love to hear them).

During Gergaoun children wear traditional dress such as jalabiyas and thobs before rushing out into the streets and knocking on every door in the neighbourhood with their empty Gergaoun bags in their hands. They’re handed chocolates, candies, crisps, pastries, popcorn, juice, pizza etc (you get the picture by now…) and only head back home once their bags are full of goodies and sweets.

During Gergaoun families will often gather together to play games. Older children and some of the adults will dress up as Fraysa or the horseman to wander the neighborhood, sing Gergaoun songs and beat traditional drums.

Enough of me and my poor excuse for an explanation as to how fun Gergaoun is. Have a look at this classic clip from Bahrain TV. The video features popular singer Mohammed Yousef who is belting out the Gergaoun song which all the children recite when going from house to house. The clip also features the Fraysa or horseman. I just love the traditional costumes that the children wear. And believe me, when it comes to collecting sweets not even Halloween tops Gergaoun. These kids are just voracious when it comes to grabbing anything sweet and sugary in their vicinity!