I’m an obsessive compulsive communicator who has lived in the Gulf for almost a decade. Enjoying the challenge of working in a region where you’ve got to be innovative, patient and determined to make things happen. Miss being a full-time journalist! Miss family even more!

Sometimes I mouth off, but more often I grit my teeth and try to encourage change through a smile (not as easy as you think). Despite living in Riyadh Dubai Bahrain is home for me.

I’ve also recently become a daddy for the first time to an amazing little princess and am loving it! As part of my parenting journey in the Gulf I’ll be sharing my experiences here as well.

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  1. Hello Alex. Being in Dubai was an eye-opener for me. In Australia, we hear a lot about Dubai — and it’s all good. Dubia has such a grand reputation. What pleased me most was not only the city and its magnificence, but the Heads of State who must be the envy of the world. The leaders of Dubai are such visionaries, that I can imagine each and every country being envious of their track record. For a small, young country (in modern terms) to show such foresight, ought to make a lot of world leaders wake-up and get cracking. Cheers and thanks for your kind words. I enjoyed my visit. The (multicultural) delegates made my job so much easier and definitely pleasant. It’s a pleasure to work with such switched-on people. Jonar Nader.

  2. Hi there,

    My name is Antonia, I am a journalism student with a keen interest in technology. I’m looking to expand my portfolio by writing on some great blog. I would love to talk about opportunities with you.



    • Hi Antonia, and sorry for not getting back to you earlier. I’d be more than happy for you to write for the blog. Is there anything that specifically interests you? Do let me know and we can post here.

  3. Hi Alex
    Liked your post on using twitter to alert to Saher locations. We (Cyclops) are a global speedcam database company – could you or your readers help us to create the definitive database of the Saher locations in KSA? We’d be interested in hiring one of your blog readers to help us do this by visiting the locations and taking a geo-tagged image at each one.
    Be great if we could work with you and your readers on something that would help all residents.
    Best regards
    Steve Wreford

  4. Just a few words. We really need writers/bloggers/journalists like you around here! I enjoy reading you and I can’t wait to read more. Would be glad to get in touch with you.



  5. Hello Alex,

    Allow me to introduce myself, I’m Aziz Shalan business developer and partner in C3 Films “creative, culture, catalysts” that created Telfaz11. First of you I want to thank you for writing about Telfaz11 and I’m glad that your wife loved Khambalah too. I’d like to invite you to visit us and hopefully we can know you better, because I loved most of your article in communication, marketing, PR, social media, which is my interest. And also we always love to learn from others in their field.

    Please email me your contact so I can keep in touch and hope to see you soon.


  6. Hello Alex,
    I loved your fundraising information which was very valuable in case of me. Can you help me in this, coz iam working in marketing department of our Rehabilitation Centre for Special Need Children, We really wanted to do fundraising events which will help our centre.
    Thank You,

  7. Hello Alex,
    I read your old article about fund raising in the uae and wanted to ask, how does one about in using sites like gofundme for personal reasons not charity?
    Would appreciate any help.


    • Thanks for the ask Imran. It’s not legal to use sites such as gofundme in the UAE for personal reasons. Having said that, people do launch fundraisers on these sites. Just be aware that you could face legal issues with the authorities.

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