Visiting Saudi Arabia’s Moon Mountain

Here’s another set of amazing images from Jeddah-based photographer Thamer Ossra. Moon Mountain is only 45 minutes drive from Jeddah and is named after its stunning landscape. The views from the top of Moon Mountain are remarkable. Enjoy the images and I hope you also get the chance to visit.

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2 thoughts on “Visiting Saudi Arabia’s Moon Mountain

  1. Hi Alex.

    I have been to this camping site back in the 90’s along with my Boy Scouts of America crew. We camped there and I recall there were bat caves aswel, we hiked up to the top of this mountain and we named it Mt. Baldy or Butt crack Bauldy as it looked like lol. If you have been there recently, kindly guide me the route. I really want to take my family there now. Within a week or two I’m heading for jeddah from dammam.

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