How to communicate conservation messages effectively – an example from Huvafen Fushi

There are some places and people in the world who just seem to do everything right. One of them is a resort in the Maldives named Huvafen Fushi. While we stayed at the resort because of its reputation, we came back with a wealth of knowledge about the island’s/company’s conservation efforts. We sponsored corals, we dived off the reefs to learn about its ecosystem, and we ended up getting out feet wet while feeding the island’s school of stingrays.

Why did we learn so much? Simply because we had so much fun while getting hands on with Huvafen Fushi’s staff. Learning is always best when it’s fun and involved, and I know a fair few companies who could learn from Huvafen Fushi. Have a look at the video and if you’re interested in adopting a coral then click through here (the hotel even sends you annual updates on how your coral is growing).

As a side thought it’s wonderful that the resort has reached out to so many guests this way, most of whom will be decision makers back in their home countries. What better way to enjoy a vacation that to learn about why and how we should take care of our environment?