Another Youtube Shocker – KFC and its Al-Ahsa Outlet’s Hygiene Standards

It seems no-one is safe from Youtube. After a video was uploaded to the world’s largest video-sharing site showing what purported to be an alleged road-rage incident in Dubai another video has been uploaded to the site but this time from Saudi Arabia. The video, which was uploaded on the 17th of July has been viewed 175,000 times in three days.

The video, featured below, allegedly shows what is described to be a scene in a kitchen of Kentucky Fried Chicken in the Saudi city of Al-Ahsa, in Othaim Mall. The person who took the video was apparently an employee who was fired after the video was taken. I’m not going to describe the video; rather, do watch the video itself which is two minutes long.

Social media crises for food chains aren’t new; anyone remember the infamous Youtube clip on Domino’s Pizza that went viral in 2009? However, while these issues aren’t new to US and European audiences and most food chains there have social media crisis plans how many local, Middle East franchises are ready for the same thing here? It’ll be interesting to see if or how KFC does respond to the allegation. In the meantime, as it’s Ramadan I’m enjoying home cooking.

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