A Riyadh favourite – Wadi Hanifah and Diriyah

There’s nowhere I love more than Wadi Hanifah and Diriyah. Only fifteen kilometers from Riyadh’s Olaya road Diriyah is the home of the Al Saud family and was their first capital. Parts of Diriyah are a UNESCO world heritage site and the area is full of mud-brick structures, some of which are in disrepair. Diriyah is the perfect get-away from Riyadh’s hectic pace. Here’s some pictures of my latest trip down, after the recent April/May rains. I do hope you enjoy and if you’d like to know more about the place do read the Wikipedia entry here.

2 thoughts on “A Riyadh favourite – Wadi Hanifah and Diriyah

  1. Hi Alex.
    I am doing a PhD in landscape Architecture in Melbourne and one of my case studies is Wadi Hanifah River in Riyadh. Unfortunately I could not get the visa to travel there and see it for real. I would like to use some of your photo for my research. I was just wondering if you have any photos showing how people are using the park along the River? Also do you have any idea how they used it in old days or if it had running water lets say 60 years ago?
    Thanks for this post.

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