Do you need more bling in your life? Car painting and modding in Saudi…

As it’s almost the weekend, I thought I’d write a short blog before adding more content tomorrow and Saturday. Here’s two wonderful pictures of car designs/gratification in Riyadh. I should have more pictures (there’s an unbelievable car painting/modding scene here due to the money spent on cars and the lack of alternative entertainment for young men) but I’m often the one driving.

Enjoy the pictures below and I’ll upload more as and when I take/receive them.

Missing out on some love this Valentines Day when in Riyadh? Don’t worry, this Toyota has more than enough hearts to go round. I just hope they can outrun the religious authorities.

Or how about a Hummer H2 in gold?

Or if you prefer your rims and high suspension, you can always do this…

And if you’re wondering what people (sometimes) do with these cars, have a look at the below video.

And after that?

This is a famous roundabout sculpture in Jeddah. The image is taken from Susie of Arabia’s blog site, which can be accessed at

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