Got sacked? On Twitter? #Maradona and #AlWasl

The Argentinian footballer and manager Maradona has always be a figure of controversy. A media scum has followed his every move. Maradona’s move to and time at the UAE football club AlWasl has been filled full of incidents. The last headline for the Argentinian may be one of the strangest I have seen for some time.

His fourteen month stint in charge of the football team came to an abrupt end last week when Maradona was fired. This may not be too much of a surprise based on the club’s performances and results. However, how did Maradona first learn he was given the boot? By Twitter.

Can you imagine getting fired? By Twitter? Article from Mashable

There’s been countless articles written and published on Maradona’s claim that he was let go by Twitter (the original article is here and another one by the UAE’s Gulf News is here.

How did this happen? And legal implications does this have? Needless to say, Maradona’s time at AlWasl has ended with a bang. I for one will miss him in the Gulf.

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